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Pros And Cons Essay Example REPACK

Vape has become one of the most popular means of smoking nowadays. People find that vaping is better than smoking cigarettes. Vape has many characteristics those attract people to take it instead of cigarettes. As people are getting more and more interested in vaping, they should know the pros and cons of vape.First of all, Vape is nothing but an electronic cigarette that is operated by battery. This e-cigarette is rechargeable and made to use several times. Vaping is considered healthy as it does not burn tobacco. You should not take tobacco as it greatly damages your brain. Vape allows you to smoke, but it will not harm your health like cigarettes.Secondly, you should know these few things about vape that lead people to choose it over cigarettes. Everybody knows the worst consequences of smoking cigarettes, but they can hardly give it up. So here, vape is a good opportunity for those people who want to smoke, but the same way they are conscious about their health. It is also a lucrative choice for those who want to save money. Vape reduces the expenses of smoking as you do not have to buy cigarettes frequently.Vaping has some additional features. One of them is flavor. There are various types of flavors available in vape. You can pick your favorite one or you can taste as many as you want. It will give you a great chance to experience a different kind of flavors, which is not possible in cigarettes.There are many vape shops in almost everywhere around the world. Vape shops provide all kinds of electronic cigarette related items along with different e-liquids or e-juices. Hundreds of various flavors are available in good vape stores. Vanilla, iced berry, cin, chocolate, apache, strawberry, espresso, menthol, regular are common flavors of vape.Besides that, vaping shop can be virtual too. There are many reputed online vape stores who have already gained much popularity for their good pricing and great services. They have also a great collection of variety of products those are stylish and unique. They provide premium quality products at a reduced price. Online vaping stores have been selling their items for years. So, you can also order products from an online vaping shop on their websites. Sometimes, purchasing from an online vaping store will give you some other benefits. They usually offer bundle packages, discounts around the year. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

pros and cons essay example

Writing a pros and cons paper can become a challenge not only because there are so many topics to choose from but also because it can be difficult to structure. Preparing an outline can be crucial in writing the perfect pros and cons paper. Check out this sample outline to help you out:

There is no denying fact that the phenomenon of English widely spoken is ubiquitous across the globe due to the paramount importance of tourism. One school of thought opine that this should not be the case, however others consider that a couple of problems may also occur because of the same. Although this has plethora of merits yet numerous demerits are also there which will be elaborated in the upcoming paragraphs.Initiating with the best possible benefits, the most significant advantage is ease of communication. In other words, people would interact using only one language which would promote easy understanding between countries and societies. To cite an example, a survey conducted by the British magazine in 2019 reported that, 80 % of the people living in UAE communicate easily with rest of the nationalities by speaking English alone. Along with it, the relationship among the nations will become healthier. As a result, this will make countries to build a stronger bond between them.On the paradoxical side, there are several drawbacks as well. First and foremost, the extinction of the local languages. To explain further, various languages will ultimately be vanished slowly and gradually by the domination on one language. Secondly, People would not be interested to travel to other tourist places to explore the culture and lifestyle. Consequently, there will be a significant fall in the economy of the countries.To conclude, without any doubt this is a mixed bag. Although this topic has many positive aspects to centralize one language, the negative points of this notion may not be underestimated.

The spikes in Tourism has made English the well known language in the world to communicate to which masses believe that it will be the only dialect accepted and implemented worldwide. This notion has its own advanatages and disadvantages related with it and we shall discuss on the same in this essay. I believe this should not be implemented.The effects of movies has a great impact on masses resulting an increase in travel industry. English being accepted globaly makes the communication easy with the native and tourists. Both the parties can communicate , understand and can be on the same page. Having a single language will certainly be user friendly worldwide. The possibities of awkwardness will not occur. Both the parties can convey their opinions with no hesitaion .Conversing in same speech will be fluent and smooth leading to no scope of shyness between the two person. At touristy spots, there will be no need for a local guide or translator for a traveller to shell their money on.However , a coin has two sides. Their are few disadvantages as well related with the notion. Every country has a cultural and native language which it is renowned for. For example, Europe is famous for French which has a major significance for the country. India has several cultural languages which it is famous for.Having the same language will not inculcate learning native language for the children and youth of the country. It is vital to stay grounded to your roots.The employement rate for attendant, translators will decrease. The history of the country will be hampered leading to no room of learning.To conclude English is well accepted globally but the roots of the country i.e language should be intact for the betterment.

I would like you to ask you about main ideas and supporting details. Many teachers say that you should have only one main idea per paragraph and support it with your supporting ideas. So, for example, for advantages and disadvantages type of questions they recommend firstly find all ideas for advantages and disadvantages and after group them into main ideas and write one paragraph for each main ideas.But, in your eassay there is one paragraph for advantages and one paragraph for disadvantages. Is it ok to write paragraphs without main ideas? I am just confused about different style of essays.

Hello Liz, in your advantage and disadvantage model essay, you gave two examples for each section. My question is that if I give only one example for advantage and two examples for disadvantage, does it lower my score ?

Both these examples have 2 opinions instead of 1, and each opinion has advantage and disadvantage and finally writers opinion. This is going to be a long essay, kindly advise on this.Does any of your advanced essay videos address this, I want to buy them.

Hi Liz,Could you kindly read my following essay and give your feedback.If you could roughly give a band score i would be so greatful to u.Q.Some believe that watching tv is a waste of time.Others think that tv is a boon for all.State your view wirh examples.

Ans:Some people think that spending time on watching tv is spoiling the quality of time.While opponents argue that television is a bliss for eveyone.However,in this essay i am going to explain my view on this topic with relevant examples.

According to the national survey of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia within the United States, public opinion polls show public approval for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Physician-Assisted Suicide gives terminally ill, yet legally capable of making decisions, patients the assistance of drugs at lethal doses to end their life. Physician-assisted suicide is controversial with many pros and cons outlined by Medscapes and Balanced Politics. The first point against physician-assisted suicide is that it goes against the oath doctors make to do no harm and solely to heal.[1] However, on the flip side, some doctors think they are doing harm if they let patients suffer and this does not provide patients with control. By allowing physician-assisted suicide, doctors gain excessive power over life that they could misuse.[2] This can cause ethical lines to be blurred. Doctors could end a life where otherwise rehabilitation or a miraculous cure could occur. [3] Balanced Politics makes several points that ring true both for and against euthanasia.

Despite how far we have advanced as a society, abortion still remains a divisive, polarizing issue for so many. This divisiveness must end, as it is unproductive, and it fails to empower people to reach common ground as members of the same nation. Writing an abortion pros and cons essay can help one get a sense of a perspective one vehemently disagrees with, and hopefully see the humanity behind it.

The debate about whether marijuana should be legalized in the United States has been there for several years. The government drug regulatory policies are very inconsistent and regulatory interventions are normally based on 5 approaches. The 5 approaches which have been used by the government to regulate drugs include legalization, medicalization, harm reduction, decriminalization, and prohibition (Warner, 2001). Legalization and usage of marijuana within society will have both positive and negative impacts. The goal of this paper is to address the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. To achieve this goal, the paper will be organized into the following sections: pros of legalizing marijuana, cons of legalizing marijuana, and the conclusions drawn from the two sections. Both sections will discuss the major issues of legalizing marijuana. 350c69d7ab


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