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Dragon Ball Z Movie 14 Battle Of Gods =LINK=

Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: Kami to KamiHow much can you cannibalize a franchise? Toriyama shows us this and more with his ongoing films and the new DB Super Series. Even if I have to admit that the latest Broly movie was quite a surprise.However, this is about the film in which the new setting and concept of Dragon Ball are presented. Together with the showpiece "Beerus, God of Destruction" and the angels.In terms of content, this film only has to offer music and animation, it is easy on the eye. But it was that too.The whole subject is a blow to the eye. The gods, "Saijayin God", the pure souls, everything is just pulled up by the hair. This should have been marketed as an alternate story, like DB GT. Instead, they were added to the canon without context and there we have the salad.Among other things, it is fascinating how the characters continue to develop backward from film to film and season to season.

Dragon Ball Z Movie 14 Battle of Gods

I highly recommend this movie for all DB and DBZ fans. After such a long time, watching this movie made me feel like I was a child again, in a good way. I lost myself in the compelling storyline; and as always, there's more than enough humour to ease the tension. A little heads up: This takes place after the events in Dragonball Z, not GT, as GT is not canon (most people know, but it's better safe than sorry). So for all you GT fans, *MINI-SPOILER* don't expect Pan, or grown up Trunks/Goten. But do expect to have a lot of fun watching this movie.

Taking placing a few years after the final battle with Buu comes a new threat, Birusu, The God of Destruction. He is feared by even the Kaious and Kaiou-shin himself. After a 39 year slumber (since the destruction of the Planet Vegeta), Birusu awakens and wonders how Freeza is doing and always talked about fighting him. Apparently, his assistant informs him that Freeza was defeated by Gokuu and that he obtained the form of Super Saiya-jin. During his slumber, Birusu had a dream about fighting the Super Saiya-Jin God and wishes to do battle with him. Always loving a good fight for the sake of the fight at times, Gokuu tries to challenge him but sees that he is strong and must find a way to defeat him. For a good percentage of this movie, up until the ending, this will follow the basic DBZ formula. I won't give away the ending, but all I can say is it does something very different and will probably be controversial amongst western fans of the franchise. The movie does a good job of justifying the way that it ends and I think this movie deserves credit for doing something different. On one hand, you don't really expect to see it coming, but on the other hand, it does make good sense. What you can take out of this ending is how we all interpret Dragon Ball and the spirit of it. Overall, this movie brings back a good portion of the charms of this series. The humor, the action, the intensity, and so on. So hardcore fans may enjoy this but the ending is very disputable at this point. Birusu as a villain is very distinct from other villains in Dragon Ball. I won't get too much into him since they would be spoilers, but I do think he is rather unique. The action is pretty much in tune with how Dragon Ball Z always has been. Very destructive, explosive, and hyper paced. I wish in terms of special moves it was more diverse but it is more centric on hand to hand and the flying combat. I won't get into too much of what I think should have been used since they would be spoilers. The CG used in this movie isn't top notch. It is PS3 DBZ game quality, but the imagination I feel is what it counts. It demonstrates the devastation and the intensity very effectively and that is enough for me. As for Birusu's style, his posture is a lot like Freeza's where he will wrap his arms around his back but he will use hands while fighting. As for his mannerisms, he does remind me of Thanatos from Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas. He is very powerful and a bit of a show off when it comes to demonstrating his strength against the other DBZ characters. As for the general animation and design, its very much in tune with the franchise overall so no other complaints. The music from the TV series and old movies is not present and is mostly using new BGM tracks. The tracks are more techno and a bit more orchestrated. It brings a more fresher feel to the series and it works in its own way. The only ending spoiler I can give is that the ending song is a new rendition of Cha-La Head Cha-La which I thought was ok. The voice acting is still in tune with the original TV series. Nozawa Masako still captures Gokuu and doesn't sound like she's aged. She also does Goten and Gohan very well, too. She still has a great grasp of the character. Horikawa Ryo still does a great job as Vegeta, but due to the writing in context of the story, it does allow Horikawa to show more of his other voice talents in this portrayal of Vegeta. Horikawa Ryo is a very versatile actor and he did a great job of playing Vegeta. I think this is probably one of his best performances with the character. Last, Yamadera Kouichi plays Birusu. Yes, it is the voice of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. I didn't recognize his voice at all throughout the movie and when I saw the credits, I was surprised it was him. His voice as Spike had this really distinct charm to it while in this one, he is also a playful character but also something of a sadist. I think he captures the character in his own way where he is scary and also has his own distinct charm. Other voice actors are back that are still alive and reprised their roles did a great job with re-capturing their characters. And there will be some surprise cameos from some other characters. I say this movie is certainly a give it a shot movie for the fans. I say people not familiar with Dragon Ball Z will be slightly confused and some familiarity with the franchise should be a prerequisite before watching. Like I said, a lot of the things are still the same, and some things will be different this time around. I don't think it is as good as the first Brolly movie or the Cooler movies, but it does bring a refreshing feel to Dragon Ball at some capacity. I think when this movie is made internationally available, it will get people intelligently discussing about the movie and franchise based on the ending. I am still trying to in-take it but I do understand why the movie chooses to go with the ending it has but I do have some issues with it. But feel free to watch it when you can.

Ten years after Bu's defeat, Emperor Pilaf has gathered the dragon balls and promptly turns Goku back into a child-like form; and with the help of Trunk and Pan, the now inexperienced and young Goku must search for the dragon balls in order to help him return to his old self. However, retrieving the scattered dragon balls will be difficult, as Earth will be destroyed if they are not brought back to it within a year. In addition, they have been used one too many times, and evil dragons have since been released. In the midst of this chaos, Goku and the gang must face their strongest enemies yet: Professor My and Doctor Gero, who are building a copy of C17, and hordes of foes that were previously sent to Hell by Goku himself...

It was release in theaters in Japan on March 30, 2013. It is the first animated Dragon Ball movie in seventeen years to have a theatrical release since the tenth anniversary movie Dragon Ball movie 4 back in 1996, which followed the first three Dragon Ball films, and the thirteen Dragon Ball Z films. The film was release in theaters in the U.S from August 5 - August 9, 2014. The film was release on DVD/Blu-Ray on October 7, 2014 in the U.S. In the English version, this film is call Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. The film is about a new character name Lord Beerus, who is known as the God of Destruction. Ironically Beerus wants to battle Son Goku to see if he is the Super Saiyan God, and because he defeated Frieza. Whereas Goku wants to battle Beerus to see if he is stronger then him. The events of the movie were later adapted into the Battle of Gods Saga of the Dragon Ball Super (Anime).

Approximately five years have passed since the titanic battle with Majin Buu, which determined the fate of the entire universe. From the Sacred World of the Kais, Kibito Kai and Old Kai telepathically discuss with King Kai about the early awakening of Beerus. Son Goku is visiting King Kai's planet in order to train and, while he is running with Bubbles, he overhears their conversation. King Kai then explains that there are gods who give birth to life-forms and worlds but in contrast to them there are gods who maintain balance by destroying these things, the aptly named God of Destruction. Ecstatic over the thought of such a powerful foe, Goku states that he wishes to challenge Beerus, but King Kai proceeds to scold him, revealing that the God of Destruction Beerus has power that is in an entirely different dimension. On the World of the Kais, Kibito Kai and Old Kai wonder how many planets will be annihilated now that the God of Destruction has awoken.

Goku then arrives and pleads with Beerus to allow him to attempt to reach the Super Saiyan God form. Beerus agrees, and Goku decides to use the Dragon Balls in order to ask Shenron how to reach the form. The dragon says that a Super Saiyan God once appeared on Planet Vegeta to stop the evil Saiyans, but he failed because of the form's time limit. Beerus steps forward and asks the dragon the method of becoming a Super Saiyan God. Shenron then reveals that they need the light of five righteous Saiyans to infuse their power into another Saiyan for him to turn Super Saiyan God. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Vegeta hover above the ground, holding hands with Goku, and begin pouring their Super Saiyan power into him. Before long, Goku begins emitting an enormous power level. Everyone else then drops out of their Super Saiyan forms as their energy is completely transferred over to Goku, who is left with an amazing sparking aura. Kuririn states that Goku has surely become a god now, but Piccolo responds by claiming that he has done nothing more than just gather up everyone's energy. Beerus agrees, noting that a god's energy is not expressed in battle power, and Goku realizes that he will still be no match for Beerus.


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