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Financial Statement Analysis Workbook: A Practi...

Elaine Henry, CFA, is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of Miami, where she teaches courses in accounting, financial statement analysis, and valuation. After working in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers, strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company, and corporate banking at Citibank, she obtained a PhD from Rutgers University where she majored in accounting and minored in finance.

Financial Statement Analysis Workbook: A Practi...

  • The helpful workbook to help practice assessing financial statements Financial statement analysis is essential as part of any well-organized financial portfolio. As a companion piece, Financial Statement Analysis Workbook: A Practitioner’s Guide, 5th ed. allows readers the opportunity to test and hone the skills put forward in Martin Fridson and Fernando Alvarez’s Financial Statement Analysis, 5th ed. a resource devoted to providing the analytical framework necessary to make sense of the sometimes misleading numbers put forth by companies. Scrutinizing financial statements allows one to, for example, evaluate a company’s stock price or determine merger or acquisition valuations. This Workbook, then, provides a pathway to become familiar with these methodologies in order to be prepared to use them in real-world scenarios. With the skills provided within, you can begin to undertake goal-oriented preparation for the practical challenges of contemporary business, and feel confident in your financial decision-making. This is aided by: Question-and-answer sections within this Workbook correspond to each chapter of Financial Statement Analysis, 5th ed.

  • Financial statement and computational exercises designed to require analysis and synthesis of concepts covered in the core text

  • A full list of answers in the second half of the book that help explain pitfalls within the questions

An essential tool for professional analysts, investors, and students, Financial Statement Analysis Workbook offers the perfect opportunity to help turn theory into reality. 

The companion Workbook to Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth EditionWhether you're evaluating a company's stock price, assessing its credit quality, or determining valuations for a merger or acquisition, deciphering the messages embedded within a company's financial statements is critical, especially after the recent financial crisis.This workbook will help you do this and much more, by allowing you to hone your skills and test the knowledge you've gained from reading Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition.- Contains question-and-answer sections that correspond to each chapter of Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition- Puts financial statement analysis in perspective- Topics covered include issues related to the financial crisis of 2008-2009; interpreting balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements; and much moreFinancial Statement Analysis Workbook, Fourth Edition will help expand your skills in analyzing financial statements, so you can successfully put your hard-won knowledge to work in the real world.

All too often, financial statements conceal more than they reveal. Even after the recent economic crisis, those analyzing financial statements face serious new concerns and challenges. The Fourth Edition of Financial Statement Analysis skillfully puts this discipline in perspective, and now, with this companion Workbook, you can hone your skills and test the knowledge you've gained from the actual text, before putting them to work in real-world situations.

Question-and-answer sections within this Workbook correspond to each chapter of Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition. Part One (Questions) provides chapter-by-chapter fill-in-the-blank questions, as well as financial statement and computational exercises. They are designed to be thought-provoking and require analysis and synthesis of the concepts covered in the book. The answers to all questions, which can be found in Part Two, are provided in boldfaced italic type in order to facilitate the checking of answers and comprehension of material.

It is a sober assessment of the profession; throughout the remainder of the book, Fridson and Alvarez repeatedly demonstrate that financial statements often conceal as much information as they reveal. And to complicate matters, the authors show that much of what transpires in the industry is perfectly legal, even when it seems that it should not be.

Taking a harder line may not produce fuller disclosure for investors but merely mean sacrificing the auditing contract to another firm with a more accommodating policy. Given the observed gap between theory and practice in financial reporting, users of financial statements must provide themselves with an additional layer of protection through tough scrutiny of the numbers.

My only reservation about recommending this book is that sophisticated security analysts may find it too elementary. Although I am a CFA charterholder, my background is not in accounting or financial statement analysis, and so I found the book to be a veritable treasure trove of interesting insights. A seasoned analyst, however, will undoubtedly be more familiar with the issues the authors discuss and thus may not find the book quite as valuable. But for anyone with a passing interest in the subject, or for new analysts still learning the trade, Financial Statement Analysis is an amazing resource.

U 132T Accounting I 3 cr. Offeredautumn and spring. Basic double-entryaccounting. Emphasis on analyzing,journalizing, and posting transactions;trial balance, worksheet, financialstatements, and adjusting/closingprocedures, accounting systems, andcash control.

U 234T Accounting III 4 cr. Offered autumn. Prereq., ACC 133T.Conclusion of basic accountingsequence including concepts andprinciples, financial statement analysis,and managerial accounting. 041b061a72


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