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The Oracle WebCenter Content server can act as a staging infrastructure for files that are loaded and processed by the HCM Data Loader. To load .zip files in the Oracle WebCenter Content server, you can use manual and programmatic methods by using the Oracle WebCenter Content server APIs.


Scroll down to Course summary files extensions. I have been able to permit .zip, .doc, .docx, .pdf, and many other file types. You might also want to adjust the Course Summary Files Limit setting also.

The .zip files contain technical drawings in multiple file formats. If you would like to receive these documents in a Section 508 accessible format click the request button or contact Christine Verrett at 321-350-8328 .

This supplementary ZIP file contains: 3 .a files, 2 .pdf files, 180 .asm files, 6 .bak files, 21 .c files, 3 .dbg files, 3 .dep files, 3 link files, 3 mkdep files, 26 .gif files, 118 .h files, 3 .hex files, 3 .idata files, 98 .inc files, 2 .jpg files, 128 .lis files, 3 .lst files, 3 .sch files, 3 .mk files, 3 .mp files, 113 .o files, 5 .pcb files, 3 .rom files, 24 .s files, 3 .soc files, 6 .svg files, 12 .txt files, 5 .tpl files, 3 .zip files, 3 .wnp files, 7 .xml files, and 2 .xsl files.

edit: Nevermind! I was trying to drag and drop "" onto BarToZip, but the correct way is to copy the .bar file into the same folder as BarToZip, and then run BarToZip directly. I now have a working "" weighing in at a healthy 1898KB.

  • Open the Add tab on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Georeferenced files in a zipped .shp, .kml, or .geojson format can be uploaded directly using the Overlays feature.

  • Note: The zipped shapefile (.shp) should contain these files: .shp, .dbf, .idx, .prj and .shx.Upload the .zip file using the Overlays interface below. The file takes approximately two minutes to process into tiles ready for viewing.

  • View and analyze the overlain CAD file along with any of the flights within the project. It is possible to track progress more accurately, flag potential areas for rework, and minimize communication breakdown between subcontractors and stakeholders.

  • If the file is not georeferenced, such as a .pdf, it is required to geotag it. Site Scan for ArcGIS provides an interface to drop two different pins on the orthomosaic and the design .pdf file. Click Next to drop two additional markers and Site Scan processes the file to make it available.


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