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why is this happening? i think its cultural. basically, japan has a long history of hating on sexual deviancy. its a small country, and for some reason, they prefer to suppress such things. they have a very strong traditional belief in chastity and modesty. this, i suppose, ties into the influence of christianity.

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but anyways, i dont know why this game is being banned. they obviously have no issue with rape, theyve just said it goes too far. i could understand the criticism, but personally, i find it more interesting than repulsive. its a weird and wonderful country, and i love to visit it, if only because theres so much to see and do. but even if this game turns you off from it, i dont think youll dislike japan. it just goes to show how absurd things are in the west, and to give you a perspective on the bizarrely inconsistent rules we try and impose on people.

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